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How to steal Wifi in 2016 – How to Get Wifi password?

How to get wifi password? it´s very easy, you can read this article to learn.

As the title says, with the knowledge acquired in this tutorial we will know how to steal wifi from your neighbour or how to hack wifi networks,  although getting free wifi this way is not legal. 

How to get wifi password? – How to hack a Wifi network?

How to know wifi passwords of others? The purpose of this tutorial is to check your wifi’s security so no one can violate it or connect to it hacking your password. How to crack a wifi password? 

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The tutorial is explained in a way anyone can make it without any kind of informatics knowledge. Anyway if you have any questions as you steal free wifi just write a comment. If you prefer to how to hack wifi it is also possible using tools such as Wifi Unlocker, Wifi password, Wifi connect or Wifi password hacker. Chinese: WiFi网络 解密

How to know wifi password? You also have the option of using Wifi Auditor, it is a program for Windows that sometimes is able to steal wifi password from neighbour’s wifi.

How to crack a wifi password? how to steal internet?

How to find wifi password? Before start stealing wifi passwords to steal internet, I will like to ask a small favour in exchange for the information and it is only that you may share this page in any social network like Facebook. I would appreciate it eternally :).

To hack neighbors wifi, I mean to check the security of our network, we are going to use a spanish tool called WIFISLAX, therefore the first step will be download it.

Wifislax Download Link:

How to find out wifi password? Wifislax is a distribution of LINUX, it is an operating system that has the sole purpose of verifying the security of our network, although many people use it to hack or steal wifi so they can have free internet connection at their homes.  Cracking wifi passwords can be used to do evil, but I hope you wont do that.  If the signal from the wireless network that you want to decrypt is low, I recommend that you use a wifi repeater with a good powerful antenna for better signal capture. I recommend the TP-LINK TL-WA830RE, it is on sale at Amazon.

How to get someones wifi password? how to hack someones wifi? Let´s see…

Steps to hack Wifi Passwords in 2016 – how to hack someones wifi?

Step 1 to know how to steal Wifi

how to wifi password hack

How to hack someones wifi? The first thing we’ll do is to download Wifislax from this link to stealing wifi, it is about 1.6 Gb so be patient, listen to some music while you wait. Patience is what you can’t lack of in this tutorial, there are passwords that can be get in a few seconds ( for example those of Verizon or AT&T with an enabled WPS) but some others have more secure keys that can even take 3 or 4 days to decode them. What we want is to put a very robust key to our router so no one can steal wifi or wifi hack password.

What we just have downloaded is an ISO image. We will have to upload this image into a Pendrive (2 GB minimum storage capacity). Other way to do it is by skipping step 2 and uncompressing the ISO image into a DVD, instead of starting your PC from the Pen-drive you’d have to boot it up from the DVD optical drive.

Step 2: Set up the Pen Drive 

To be able to start the computer from the PenDrive is necessary to correctly upload the ISO into it. For that purpose we will use and universal program called Universal USB Installer that can be downloaded from this link.

how to hack wifi networks

Once downloaded, we install it like any other program and we open it.

When it is open we do the following:

Step 1 -> Select “WifiSlax” just like you see in the image.

Step 2  -> Click on Browse and select the ISO you just downloaded.

Step 3  -> Select your Pendrive and check the box “We will format I:\Drive as Fat32” to make sure the Pendrive will have the correct format. (This option will delete all the files inside your Pendrive)

Once we are done with that we just have to click on “create” and wait for a few minutes. When the image is created you will have to restart your PC with the flash drive connected, and then boot up the Pc from the Pendrive.

The dull part of this how to steal wifi tutorial is over.

Step 3: Run WifiSlax to How to get wifi password

How to hack internet password? Once started our PC from the pendrive a couple of screens will appear like the following:

how can i hack wifi password

We have to click a couple of times “INTRO”  picking the first choice. In 1 minute we will have WifiSlax opened and this will show up:

wifi hacks

Step 4: Geminis Auditor – last step to hack a wifi network

How to hack a wifi connection? Once WifiSlax is open, we are going to work with a tool that is really easy to use, it is called “Geminis Auditor”. To open it we have to click on the blue icon in the bottom left corner (looks like the Windows start button) and just like you see in the image above you have to go to WifiSlax -> Wireless -> Geminis Auditor ( all-in-one)

We are getting closer to know how to steal wifi of my neighbour.

Once opened we will see the following window:

hack a wifi password

Scrolling up and down with the keyboard arrow keys, we will select the first option “ Scan for objectives” with the Enter key.

The scan process takes around 30 seconds to check networks’ security.


Lets make a little observation on this step. May happen that your wifi network card is not compatible with WifiSlax or even that your PC don’t have a wireless network card therefore its gonna be impossible to scan objectives. To solve this inconvenience the cheapest option is to buy at Amazon a compatible network card, being the Alfa Network brand the best and most compatible with WifiSlax and you also can use this wifi Antenna.

Lets carry on, once the networks are scanned a screen similar to this one will appear:

free wifi hack

Right now am at a basement and I don’t have the WIFI ALFA NETWORKS AWUS036NH USB ADAPTOR connected, so I haven’t found many networks, but they are enough to learn how to steal Wifi from the neighbour, which is the tutorial objective. What we have to look at is the colour green, in my case the network appearing green is vodafone6AD6 so thats the one I will select, scrolling up and down with the arrow keys and pressing ENTER when I am on it.

Once we select the network we want to hack, we go back to the previous menu like you can see in the following image:

how to hack wifi connection

How to crack someones wifi password? The next step is to click on the second option: “Atacar objetivo seleccionado”, another submenu will appear so you can see the kind of attack is going to perform. Press intro and it will start to make its magic to hack wifi network.

how to hack a wifi connection

How to get wifi password? Once this option is selected is when the software will try to hack neighbors wifi.

how can hack wifi password

How to find out any wifi password? In my case in less than 30 seconds like you see in the previous image it has hacked the Wifi password.

How to get free wifi? Now you just have to press any key and you will see the Wifi password like in the following image:

hack neighbors wifi

Once you get to this point, yo know how to crack a wifi password, what I use to do is go to the option “Obtained Passwords List” to save all the passwords in the Pendrive itself.

If it has worked on your network, you should change your router password immediately. Click on the link if you have doubts about how to change your wifi password.

Now, Do you know How to hack someones wifi?

Hope this tutorial have been helpful. For any doubts just leave a comment. This blog will keep posting more adapted hacking techniques for any kind of person without informatics knowledge.

I hope that it has been clear for you how to steal wifi from the neighbour.

If this post have been helpful to you please SHARE IT, so this blog can keep moving forward. Thank you all, and I would like you to post comments about if have been able to crack a wifi password.

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  1. Hi guys!!

    I am doing the attack, and I am getting a lot of warning messages “failed to associate with…. ESSID….”

    Is that normal? Is that part of the attack and should I wait? Or perhaps I should try with another network?


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