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Wifi Password Hacker – The easiest and most effective way in 2017

How to crack a WEP key? Today we will show you how to wifi password hacker a WEP key and as well as easily crack Wi-Fi passwords with WPA and WPA2-PSK using WifiSlax.

To learn how to install WifiSlax, you can go to the home page of How to steal Wi-Fi, where you can read a detailed and very easy tutorial to install WifiSlax and hack Wi-Fi with WPA2. Or if you prefer, you can visit how to hack Wi-Fi – 10 Best Apps, if you just bought a Chinese mobile or tablet you may be interested to install our article where we explain how to install Google’s Play Store on our Android device. But now let’s get back to the mess: let’s begin to figure out a Wi-Fi password :)

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Wifi password hacker with WPA and WPA2-PSK using Goyscript (wifi hacking software).

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Wifi Password Hacker – Getting Started

With WifiSlax open, we are going to use a wifi password hacker wireless tool like Goyscript, as we can see in the picture below. We click on the application menu, which is the blue icon in the lower left corner. Once you open WifiSlax, go to Menu -> WPA WPS -> Goyscript WPS and we click to begin to break WiFi key. Remember we can crack a WEP key and WPA and WPA2 keys as well.

Wifi Password Hacker

The first thing you will be asked by the application to start break Wi-Fi key, is to choose one of the Wi-Fi cards you have installed. If you only have one, Goyscript will select it for you and the process of wifi password hacker will start. If you have more than one, just choose the number of the wireless card you want to use and Goyscript will automatically set your card to monitor mode and begin to perform a scan of wireless networks.

It can also happens that it finds no Wi-Fi card, either because your PC no has no Wi-Fi card installed, or because you have one that is not compatible with WifiSlax, which means you will have to get a supported wireless card. I always recommend search by price Amazon and buy an Alfa network antenna, although certainly the best option is to buy a long range Wi-Fi antenna, and for just 32 euros you can wifi password hacker 600m around area. 

Check out this review to get a better look at the best long range Wi-Fi antenna out there.


Hacking WiFi keys: GoyScript

To decrypt Wi-Fi keys, in monitor mode you will open another window where you can see the networks which your wireless card has detected, and then you will see the data from these networks as you can see in the image below. The Wi-Fi’s you can hack in less than 30 seconds are marked with a #. Other networks are going to take a while to hack, since the hacking method will be the use of brute force.

For now let’s focus on networks that have WPS enabled, which come marked with the #. In this blog we will start to regularly post about security and wireless networks, so we can crack WiFi password with increasingly complex security, looking to make our network much safer and harder to hack.

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How to break wifi password

Once the network scan is done, we can close the window “LOOKING FOR WIFI NETWORKS“, and a menu for Goyscript will appear in the main window. Choose the network you want to hacking the WiFi password to begin. Choose the number of the Wi-Fi network that has the #. Then the process of hacking the Wi-Fi will begin, and in less than 1 minute the key to the Wi-Fi should appear.

Another parameter that must be taken into account when choosing a network to hack wifi router is that the signal level should be above 40%, certainly with less signal the Wi-Fi key will still be wifi password hacker, but the problem appears when you navigate connected to that network, since the speed will be very slow. Always choose the one with more than a 40% signal.

If all networks that appear have less than 40% of signal, it would be advisable for you to do this with a USB long-range antenna, which is much more powerful than any portable antenna, and that way you get a much stronger signal that will allow you to hack Wi-Fi more easily, and especially surf the web much better once you’ve hacked into the network.

Once you choose the number of the network that you want to attack, it will display the model of the router that you are attacking, and it will display this information after the system begins to attack the router through Pins. What you are really doing is trying to connect to Wi-Fi through the WPS connection.

What the system will first try to do is to connect to the router using the WPSPinGeneratorMOD, sending default pins the router that is being attacked might have.

If the owner of the router has changed the password, the next step will be to attack the router through brute force. In any case, if the network is marked with the #, you will not have to do the brute force attacks. Typically, you should see both the router password as well as the WPS Pin. 


Fighting with wifi hackers

Let’s take a look at what we have learned. The most important thing to know is what the WPS Pin is, and above all is that we must DISABLE it on our router. As you can see, in less than just 30 seconds you can hack a wireless network quite easily.

The WPS Pin is very convenient, especially if you invite someone to your house and you want to let them access your network. The WPS pin is an 8-digit code that you see below the router, is easy to find and you don’t have to remember the Wi-Fi key that you set up on the router.

What we must do to disable the WPS Pin, so nobody can decrypt your home Wi-Fi password.

The first thing is to access the router settings by typing the IP address in the address bar of your browser, usually or Once you hit enter, it will ask you for a username and password. By default it is usually admin – admin or admin – 1234. In any case, it should be written below the actual router.

Once you have accessed the router settings, you must disable the WPS Pin and also change the WPA2 key that the router has as the default password, and the password to access the router configuration menu itself.

If you have any questions on how to do this, please write down a comment and I will contact you. And if this has been of any help, please share this article on your social networks. Thank you!!!!!

I hope you have a better understanding on how to hack wifi password.

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